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Surgery Time

2010-03-16 15:25:02 by Cha0tic221

Well, I've been dreading this upcoming day for a looooong time now. It's almost time though. Open Heart Surgery...

It's VSD, (do a google search), which is just a slight birth defect in the heart. Most people's close and it's no problem but for those that don't close it can cause problems later in life. There are 4 different levels of severity. With 1 being the least bad and 4 being the worst. I'm somewhere between 1 and 2, so the doctors are like, why the f not just give him surgery. Uhm... here's a reason, IT'S OPEN HEART SURGERY!! Regardless, I'm going to be dead for a while so I just thought I should post this info somewhere... just so it's out there.

So... yeah... fml... life's been shit recently. Let's just hope I survive this bullshit to see better days. Monday March 22nd is the day I go under...

Red Dragon's Orgy

2010-03-05 17:41:18 by Cha0tic221

Woohoo! Next game is on the way! This time I've teamed up a well known artist, Gonzo! The man behind the amazing art in Toss the Turtle, Rufus the Demon, Fatherly Bonds and other sick animation/games. He's settled for using me as a coder for his next idea, Red Dragon's Orgy.

Regardless, the game so far in my opinion is pretty sick. Gonzo has been amazing with art and I've been slowly but surely keeping up. xD. Now then, it's not to say that we didn't have our disagreements (Fights because I got lazy and depressed which you shouldn't worry about) but all in all we're friends.

Now then, I don't feel at liberty to say anything about the game because I have not yet talked to Gonzo about what we will tell everyone, but as you can see on his post (Link) we have made some amazing things together.

His preloader screenshot can tell you alot about the game. The loading bar will be to the right side of the screen in the blank area.

And yes, it has been in production since September, but in all fairness Gonzo shouldn't have compared it to Toss the Turtle. This game is much, MUCH, bigger and a great deal harder to code. Haha.

Anyway, I hope you guys will be pleased and offer me a few words of motivational advice. :D




Anyway, I'm getting ready to release my game sometime soon as in... This week or next. Football camp 3 a days + School = not a fun time so I didn't have a chance to get this out. Anyway, look forward to seeing the first real Naruto flash game out there. Hope ya like it.


Well, as some of you may know I've been working on this Naruto game for a while. It's been off and on with all the work I've had to do in my life so far so balancing out my time has been hard.

Finally got back into working seriously on it and it's nearly complete!

8 Characters with full movesets
6 Stages
9 Songs

Should turn out to be well.... I hope. O_O


2008-09-15 22:19:21 by Cha0tic221

nvm this comment

Good News!!!!!!!

2008-08-02 18:41:54 by Cha0tic221

Well its official. I finally quit my job. I need to start preparing for school and whatknot so my parents let me quit. ANYWAY! Now that I have more time on my hands that means my time is going back into my game!

So yeah, I'm keeping the progress of it under wraps. =X I want to really get it going before I start telling everyone what I'm up to. =P

Look forward to it though. It looks amazing!

Bad News

2008-06-22 23:34:49 by Cha0tic221

I've gotten a job recently and it's taking up nearly all of my time. When I do have time though I'm to tired to really do much. Good thing though, I'm saving up a bunch of money for a new computer. So now when I do work I don't have to deal with the crazy lag when I try to do some major work. (I have horrible RAM)

I just thought I'd let the few people who read these know.

A few comments on my Demo

2008-06-19 16:05:00 by Cha0tic221

Well as most of you know, the demo is already out. Unfortunately I forgot to look into a few bugs that I'm fixing up. The good thing though is that I'm getting a lot of feedback from people who say its going to be a really cool game.

Anyway, about those bugs. I'm going to fix them up and release a new Demo in about a month maybe which will include 2 more characters. But after that I'm going for the final stretch of getting all the characters done. Then after that I will be working on the story mode. I already know what I'm going to be doing for it but I'm keeping that a secret. The story mode will be enough to make this game gold!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all look forward to the final product.

Delays but...

2008-06-07 12:04:09 by Cha0tic221

I know that I said that this game was going to have a demo up sometime soon but I've been trying to work in some extra features that will get some more attention. Blur effects being one of the most troublesome.

Anyway i've been showing this to a lot of my friends and they find the most annoying little changes that I need to make. So after I get some more personal approval I will go on to release the demo.

Also since it is summer now I'm getting excited for the pool and everything to open so... yeah, lol.

The game is looking great though and I hope you guys enjoy the demo when it's finally released.

Looking GREAT so far!

2008-04-09 16:20:18 by Cha0tic221

Hey guys! I know hardly anybody comes to check out my posts but that will all change when my demo releases. WHICH IS SOON! As in about a week or two. The finishers are looking great and you guys will have a great time beating up the sandbag as you test out all my moves. It's not just a simple .hitTest() game, this is a full fledged hitBOX game. lol.

Anyway, the demo will include 4 characters, 1 of which is an unlockable character! Also, remember that there is a save feature so you will not need to unlock characters again.

I hope you all look forward to this and lets hope it turns out well!