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Surgery Time

Posted by Cha0tic221 - March 16th, 2010

Well, I've been dreading this upcoming day for a looooong time now. It's almost time though. Open Heart Surgery...

It's VSD, (do a google search), which is just a slight birth defect in the heart. Most people's close and it's no problem but for those that don't close it can cause problems later in life. There are 4 different levels of severity. With 1 being the least bad and 4 being the worst. I'm somewhere between 1 and 2, so the doctors are like, why the f not just give him surgery. Uhm... here's a reason, IT'S OPEN HEART SURGERY!! Regardless, I'm going to be dead for a while so I just thought I should post this info somewhere... just so it's out there.

So... yeah... fml... life's been shit recently. Let's just hope I survive this bullshit to see better days. Monday March 22nd is the day I go under...

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:c dun go dieing on me. rdo needs to get done

:c i knos right?

good luck man : )

Thanks : )

Ungrateful pricks deserve to die.

Have fun in Hell. :D

Tell Satan he owes me 5 bucks.

Shit man, sorry to hear that, I've got a genetic disorder that forced me to have a total neck dissection surgery, they took out nearly 75% of my lymphnodes and my thyroid. I came out just fine but it doesn't compare to open heart surgery... o.o Good luck man. Just hope your doctors are good!

Thanks dude. VSD is also genetic. You're born with it and what they decide to do is what happens.

And yeh, Doctors here are top notch. For some reason Pittsburgh is a huge center for medical advancement. O_O? Who knew?

good luck man

Thanks man.

Holy crap good luck! That must be scary as shix! It'll probably be fine though, even open heart surgery is pretty standard these days.

If shix is scary, then yes it is. Haha. I just wanna go into this laughing and come out okay. I have a whole line of jokes ready for afterwards. (Lets hope I get to use em...)

I'll bestarting College classes the 22th soI won't beable to care about anione in another City/State/Country.
You know how this things are, this are routin ops... you know... 99,9% succes, just ask not tobe the Nº 1000 on none of the docs in the "quirofano" (surgery room).
its a lame your soclose to it, cause this could have beeing reverted by a good osteopath... maibe next time.

let us all know everything goes OK.

Well good luck to ya man. Thanks for the words of support.

Good luck.
Do you live in us? Come to canada for free health care! Unless your already booked the surgery....

xD. Surgery is Monday. Don't think I have time to switch. Haha. 4 days and counting. <:(

fuck, good luck mann. Life is hard but heaven is bored and alcohol is to expensive in hell D:
So stay n' have nice time with us 'cause all our hope is with you ;)
(my phrase is stupid but don't take care about it... good luck n' see ya soon \m/)

Pretty good phrase regardless. :P


Stay strong man! Doctors make the big bucks because they know what they're doing! Plus you'll get laid with a bitchin' scar like that :) Be prayin' for you man! Make sure you hit us up afterwards!

Hellz yeah! And definately, I will. First thing I'm doing when I wake up: Tweet/Facebook/blog "I live again"

Wish you all the best in your upcoming heart surgery! You'll get through it, I know it :). Just keep on smiling till' that day comes.

Thanks, I'll try. Been making a lot of jokes about it to keep it out of my mind. ;D

Well that's scary, hope you live!

I hope too. O_O;


They're filming my surgery. I should SOOO have them say that on camera!!!

Good luck ;)

Thanks. ^_^

dude docters phds stand for them being
Pin Headed Dicks

I hope not. D:

Those bastards! There doing surgery on you?

P.S. They better not fuck you up or their face is gonna have a cap in it

I told him if he messes up, then I'm going to haunt him and his family for the rest of eternity. I will ruin his children, and his children's children until God himself comes to stop me. I will be like an evil plague constantly scouring their good fortune and tormenting them until the end of their existence. Heed my word surgeon. This day shall not only decide the fate of myself.

(Was playing GOW3)

Oh fuck 1 more day.

Yep. :(

geez that guy that called u a prick should be ass raped by a donkey


Good luck :C

Thanks im good

are you alive? GOD DAMMIT ARE YOU ALIVE?


hes dead. :(
[ghost comes up and says &quot;HES NOT DEAD U IDIOT&quot;]

Yeah im good

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